Martin Stauning World Premiere

Martin Stauning's 'Irrenschein' for accordion and recorder will be premiered by Andreas Borregaard and Bolette Roed in Fuglsang Musikforening on Sunday 16 April.

The composer tells about the work: "Irrenschein is the second piece in a series of duets for accordion and other instruments. Like its predecessor Nebenschein (2013) for accordion and cello, Irrenschein is based on a lied from Schubert's Winterreise, Das Irrlicht, German for will-o’-the-wisp. There are no quotes as such from Schubert's lied. Rather, the piece tries to encapsulate a similar mood through a rewriting of the title and a reinterpretation of the text into purely instrumental music.

In its form, Irrenschein is completely traditional, almost insistingly ordinary, but its content is floating, seeking, difficult to hold. Like the light of the will-o’-the-wisps in the marshes; briefly ignited, fluttering and all of a sudden disappearing in the dark."

The concert takes place at KUMUS in Toreby, Denmark, Sunday 16 April at 3pm. Find more information about the concert here >>