Matias Vestergård Hansen graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in March 2022, with a concert including the world premiere of his audio drama 'KORTE BREVE FRA EN LANG REJSE'. A video documentation of the performance is now available online.

'KORTE BREVE FRA EN LANG REJSE' (short letters from a long journey) is based on the travel description written by Danish writer and intellectual Ingeborg Stuckenberg in 1903. She ran away from a life of frustration in Copenhagen, to begin anew in New Zealand, and documented the journey from Bremen to Auckland in a series of eight unsent letters, which were first discovered in the 1960's. She found it impossible to create a life for herself in New Zealand, and committed suicide in 1904.

Matias Vestergård writes about his work with Ingeborg Stuckenberg's text:

"The letters are unique for their sarcastic humor, poetic imagery and an underlying sense of bitterness and disappointment that runs through the work. Stuckenberg remains an impersonal observer throughout, only hinting briefly at her own personal circumstances and the justification for her suicide in the final letter.

I have selected passages from each letter, and created a kind of audio drama, where the narration is shared between a singer, an actor, a choir and orchestra. In this production, a staging was also created by director Johan Klint Sandberg and the composer. It formed the final half of my official graduation concert at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in march 2022."


Audio drama for singer, actor, choir and sinfonietta

texts by Ingeborg Stuckenberg

music by Matias Vestergård

Første brev: Bremen - Antwerpen - Dover

Andet brev: Atlanterhavet

Tredje brev: Genua - Neapel

Fjerde brev: Afrikas kyst

Femte brev: Det indiske ocean

Sjette brev: Ekvatoren

Syvende brev: Australien - Stillehavet

Ottende brev: New Zealand

Singer: Signe Asmussen

Actor: Signe Thielsen

Conductor: Clément Mao Takacs

Director: Johan Klint Sandberg

Flute 1: Ditte Aggerholm

Flute 2: Helene Schrøder

Flute 3: Kristín Ýr Jónsdóttir

Clarinets: Jonas Lyskjær Frølund

Trombone 1: Annaroosa Lampela

Trombone 2: Ole Vetle Johansen

Trombone 3: Gunnar Helgason

Percussion: Fredrik Ertvaag

Piano: Lea Han

Harpsichord & Accordion: Yngvild Haaland Ruud

Viola 1: Daniel Śledziński

Viola 2: Caroline Risbo Gammeltoft-Hansen

Viola 3: Kinga Dauner

Viola 4: Anna Elísabet Sigurðardóttir

Choir: Hávard Magnussen, Harold Thalange, Jónas Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, Connor McLean, Theo Suissa Heimann, Johannes Linneballe, Mads Andersen & Gustav Johansson

Lights: Yaw Darko

Sound: Svend Hjelholt

Video: Niklas Ottander & Geo Dusnoki