Mette Nielsen Essay

Mette Nielsen is featured in the article series Sounding Women’s Work. Seismograf brings 11 essays about gender, technology and infrastructure in Nordic sound art and experimental music.

Seismograf asked 11 artists/artist groups how they experienced gender playing a role in their artistic practice. Mette Nielsen is occupied finding ways to create space for the small and fragile sounds in the music. She works with both completely traditional scores and more open notations and easy staging of sound.

In the essay she writes about her workplace, and about her first memories of lying in bed listening to the silence as a complex machine noise:  

"My work is shaped by my story of who I am. The body I was born with is without a doubt a big part of it. I do not know what experiences I would have had if I had grown up as a boy. I also do not know what inner world I would have had if I had not had asthma or seen twice until I was 10. My strongest early memory that has to do with sound is that I lie in bed and listen to the silence. "

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