Mette Nielsen interview in Seismograf

Seismograf spoke to Mette Nielsen about writing music based on childhood memories, about writing a string quartet with only one tone, and about wanting to be one of the boys.

Photo: Soffi Chanchira Larsen

Mette Nielsen grew up in a home filled with music and as early as at the age of 11 she gave herself the title 'composer' on the front of a notebook.

Later on, as a teenager introduced to music by among others Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, she discovered the endless possibilities you have as a composer - and at one point she cut away all excess and composed a string quartet for one tone only. D - the least notable tone of them all, according to Mette Nielsen. 

In recent years Mette Nielsen has worked with children and music in various ways. Her debut concert in 2017 was based on her own childhood memories, and she invited music school students to participate on stage alongside professional musicians. She has been part of a number of workshops guiding children in composing, and most recently music school students premiered some of Mette Nielsen's works written for our series Educate·S

Read the interview with Mette Nielsen here.

At KLANG 2018 young music school students performed works from the series Educate·S and got a chance to talk to the composers.

Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen