Mette Nielsen World Premiere

Mette Nielsen's new work 'Tidlig solopgang' (Early Sunrise) is premiered by The Danish National Vocal Ensemble 29 June.

The Danish National Vocal Ensemble will premiere Mette Nielsen's new work Tidlig solopgang at their traditional summer concert in Copenhagen on 29 June, with a repeat performance the following evening. The theme of the concert is the bright, Nordic summer nights.  

Mette Nielsen writes about her piece:

"For me, the epitome of bright summer nights is biking through the city while the sun rises. After a party in my late teens. It is the time when you have finally let go of the rules of childhood, and the demands of adulthood have not yet fully come about. There is just a shivering expectation - of future loves and of an independent life, where you decide everything for yourself. The streets are empty and the air is cool. The birds begin to sing, besides from this, there is only the sound of the bike on the asphalt.

"Early sunrise" is the sunrise in the summer that you only experience if you are out a little too late or way too early."

The Danish National Vocal Ensemble is conducted by Sofi Jeannin. Find more information about the two concerts Wednesday 29 June 19:30 and Thursday 30 June 19:30.

The concert will be broadcast on DR P2 on Monday 4 July in P2 Koncerten 19:20.