Mise-en performs C.W.C., Worsaae and Glerup in New York

New York · Ensemble mise-en, the Brooklyn-based music collective, presents a concert programme featuring works by Christian Winther Christensen, Nicolai Worsaae and Rune Glerup.

© ensemble mise-en

As part of its CONNECTIONS series, ensemble mise-en invites its New York audience to an interesting concert on 5 October.

Each concert in the series details, explores and ventures into the titular connections between artistic or cultural groups with unique geographies, traditions, and perspectives.

At the 5 October concert, subtitled ‘Denmark and New York Emerging Composers’, Christian Winther Christensen’s ‘Sextet’ (2010-14), Nicolai Worsaae’s ‘Zwischen den beiden Kammern’ (2013) and Rune Glerup’s ‘Dust Encapsulated #2’ (2009) will be performed alongside works by New York composers John Rot, Emily Praetorius and Meredith Gilna.

Connections | Denmark and New York Emerging Composers
Thursday, 20 October, 20:00
The cell, 338 W 23rd St, New York
Tickets: $10-20