”Mood – Debussy and Langgaard” at Langgaard Festival 2012

The annual festival celebrating the music of Rued Langgaard is taking place between August 30 and September 2, 2012. This year’s festival focuses on the similarities between Langgaard and the French composer Claude Debussy (1862-1918). Although they never actually met they shared some of the same visionary thoughts on music and life. Both composers were considered to be experimental in every perspective and the incompatible sounds of nature and machine resulted in an innovative melancholia in the works. In life Debussy as well as Langgaard lived the solitude of a genius and were both drawn to break the rules and create new ways of expressions.

On the opening night Langgaard’s work Gitanjali-Hymner (1918), composed to the lyrics of the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, is honouring the universe and the divine forces that combine it all. The work is shown in interplay with three pieces from Debussy’s Images II (1907) that seek into a magical dream world.

The festival is being round off with Langgaard’s String Quartet No. 2 (1918) performed by Signe Asmussen (soprano) and Esbjerg Ensemble which shows Langgard’s hang to nostalgia and his lust to the modern visions.

The festival embraces this extraordinary music and presents it in a performative perspective with visuals that embrace the atmosphere of the sounds in collaboration with the cathedral in Ribe. There will be held lectures on the relationship between the two composers and much more.

Short overview for the programme:
All works by Rued Langgaard

August 30:
Gitanjali-Hymner (1918)
Afgrundsmusik (1921)
Performed by Jens Elvekjær
at 8 pm at Ribe Domkirke

August 31:  
Upaaagtede Morgenstjerner (1948)
Symfoni nr. 10 (1945)
Performed by Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester
at 8 pm at Ribe Domkirke 

September 1:
Gitanjali-Hymner (1918)
Fem Sange (1915)
Performed by Adam Riis (tenor) and Berit Johansen Tange (piano) 
at 8 pm at Ribe Domkirke 

September 2:
I Blomstringstiden (1917)
Lenaustemninger (1917)
Strygekvartet nr. 2 (1918)
Performed by Signe Asmussen (soprano) and Esbjerg Ensemble
at 3 pm at Ribe Domkirke

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