Morten Olsen – Release Concert

After working on his newest album for more than 10 years, composer and musician Morten Olsen is finally ready to show off ‘Be My Quiet Friend’ when Dacapo Records and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art invite you to a release concert!

Morten Olsen’s ‘Be My Quiet Friend’ is an album of paradoxes. It took more than ten years to produce, but it is based on moments. It makes use of improvisation and lets the musicians play “whatever occurs to them,” but has been trimmed, edited and manipulated ad infinitum. Certain passages are entirely improvised, while others were written out in detail. And the triumph is that it is in fact pointless to try to distinguish between the two.

For Morten Olsen ‘Be My Quiet Friend’ is a return to his youth as a fusion musician. But it is also a culmination of his work as a composer. It is over ten years since he decided to make a kind of music that finds its very DNA in the uncompromising and complex, but which then permits itself to be produced and recorded so it becomes seductive. “I insist that music must seduce me,” he says. With ‘Be My Quiet Friend’ Morten Olsen has set out to find a musical stance that is not bound by any conventions. Music that can contain both complexity and sensitivity. Music that can do it all.

During the production of the album Morten Olsen’s musical partner, Morten Rasmussen, who also plays keyboards and been the programmer on the album, has been a valuable collaborator. They share a studio and have been making music together for so long that it “feels as if our brains are connected by MIDI cables,” as Morten Olsen says. “Without him the soundscape would be unthinkable”.

Morten Olsen’s handpicked musicians perform the album at Huset KBH Wednesday June 19, 2013 at 9 pm (doors open at 8 pm). Participating in the concert are Irina-Kalina Goudeva (voice), Karl Husum (trompet), Kaspar Vadsholdt (bass), Jonas Johansen (drums), Morten Rasmussen (keyboards) and Morten Olsen (guitars).

Please join us for the release concert and party!