Musikalske aftryk · Video teaser

Music journalist and critic, Henrik Friis, has written a chapter about contemporary opera published at Edition·S in the book 'Musikalske aftryk'.

"Writing a piece of music drama like this, they almost all have to be Richard Wagner..."
— Henrik Friis

 In this video, Henrik Friis speaks about the big issues dealt with in small scale operas, and the fact that contemporary composers are often involved in much more than "just" writing the music.

‘Musikalske aftryk – Dansk tonekunst gennem 150 år’ is published on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Edition·S. 

It is a great opportunity to revisit old stories from the classical music scene in Denmark and explore the new landscape that unfolds with the music composed today.

Author and associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Søren Schauser, is the editor of Musikalske aftryk and co-writer together with Sanne Krogh Groth, Sune Anderberg, Henrik Friis, Anette Vandsø, Rasmus Holmboe, Ingeborg Okkels and Ivar Frounberg. 

The book is published by Grønningen 1 and is available at Danish bookstores and here at Edition·S