Musikalske aftryk · Video teaser

Sanne Krogh Groth speaks about composers entering the stage and performing their own works.

At classical concerts, we expect the composer to sit in the back of the concert hall and maybe step forward when the lights are turned on during the applause. But now, they are up there on stage - performing their own work!

Associate Professor in Musicology, Sanne Krogh Groth, wrote the chapter about contemporary composer performers in the book 'Musikalske aftryk'.  In the video above she briefly introduces the subject, and in the book she writes about works by Niels Rønsholdt, Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrød, Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Simon Steen-Andersen, Bára Gísladóttir and more.

'Musikalske aftryk' celebrates the 150 years anniversary of Edition·S. Buy it here >>