Neue Vocalsolisten premieres Worsaae

The vocal ensemble Neue Vocalsolisten premieres Nicolai Worsaae’s ‘Verbindung’ 8 November at G((o))ng Tomorrow.

Neue Vocalsolisten, Photo: Manu Theobald
Neue Vocalsolisten from Stuttgart is one of the world’s most virtuoso vocal ensembles, specializing in the interpretation of contemporary vocal music. Worsaae’s 'Verbindung' is written for Neue Vocalsolisten, and according to the composer, the title 'Verbindung' – Connection – refers first of all to the connection of the rather different identities of the five singers.

Nicolai Worsaae explains: “The connections are first seen as an instrumental ensemble, where the singers play small instruments such as glass and stylophone in unison. Slowly the vocal connections between the singers are established, first in duets, then in small groups and towards the end in passages of tutti unison. My thought behind the small instruments is to create an auditive counterpoint to the vocal, either as a contrast in the distorted sound of the stylophone or in the sound of the glass rich in overtones, possibly seeming even purer than the sound of the voice.”

At the concert on 8 November, Neue Vocalsolisten will also present works by José-María Sánchez-Verdú, Carola Bauckholt, Bernhard Gander and Gabriel Dharmoo. 

'Verbindung' is commissioned by SNYK.

Thursday 8 November 17:00
G((o))ng Tomorrow
Studiescenen Royal Danish Academy of Music
Copenhagen (DK)