New composer portraits

We continuously upload new video portraits of our composers, and over the past few months three new portraits have been added.

In the portrait of Christian Winther Christensen you can hear him tell about his interest in the smallest details and the way the details end up becoming quite important for the work. He also describes his aim to create something that the audience hasn’t quite expected.


Lars Kynde talks about his interest in the mutual exchange of inspiration between the composition and the physical design of the instrument. He tells about his interest in placing focus on all the sensory perceptions and the way they influence each other.


In the portrait of Martin Stauning the composer reflects on the fleeting character of music. He describes how he tries to limit himself in the work process, keeping the work in check through dogmatic rules and choices, and at the same time allowing himself to loose control.


The composer portraits are all supported by the Danish Composers' Society / KODA's Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes.