New Danish Educational Site

The Danish organisation for new music and sound art SNYK has published a site today with educational material for music teachers in secondary schools where Edition·S – music¬sound¬art is represented.

The site is called “New Sounds in Secondary School” and includes young as well as older composers and looks at contemporary music from different angles. The site has nine chapters so far, each with a focus on one composer as well as an analysis of one or two works. Edition·S is lucky enough to be represented by two of the nine composes: Simon Steen-Andersen and Jexper Holmen. In connection to all works you can find online and easy accessible sound and score examples, suggested assignments, links and bibliographies, as well as explanations of terms and ‘isms’ used in the text.

Until now Danish schools have not had a tradition for teaching contemporary music and that is something SNYK wants to change. The site aims at opening the eyes of music teachers for contemporary music and art music. The educational material makes it interesting and manageable to teach the subject. Each subject is planned to fill out one or two double lessons. The material can also be used in connection to courses on older classical music, avant-garde, ambient or popular music.

SNYK’s site is not the only one to be published today. The Danish Composer’s Society has also published a site with educational material – this site aims at music teachers in primary schools.

Take a look at SNYK’s site here (in Danish).

Take a look at DKF’s site here (in Danish).