New film from the creation process of SPLIT the Opera

The creators of the documentary opera monologue SPLIT have just released another film from the process. Again Jürgen Diemer has produced a short film based on the material he filmed at the four-day workshop at Kvindemuseet in Århus in February 2011.

This time, the film is based on a love poem written to composer and performer Line Tjørnhøj at sea by her first husband, a fellow sailor. On the last day of their time at Kvindemuseet, Tjørnhøj handed cello virtiuoso and voice performer Zoë Martlew the poem and a simple bass line and asked Martlew to improvise a simple sea song. This resulted in the Sailor Song, which became a part of their performance the same evening.

See the result and former videos in our digital media section. 

A short film by Jürgen Diemer with the Sailer Song from Line Tjørnhøj's work-in-progress, the opera monologue SPLIT (2011-12). Music by Line Tjørnhøj performed by Zoë Martlew (cello and vocals).