New opera by Eva Noer Kondrup

Copenhagen · Saturday 3 February Eva Noer Kondrup's opera 'The Traveller' will be premiered at Takkelloftet.

Photo: Anne-Vibeke Leth

'The Traveller' is an opera, which combines political statements and recent international events with the opera genre’s drama, while mirroring emotions of flight, war and hatred.

Eva Noer Kondrup has written both music and libretto. This is her debut as a librettist, and the composer simply felt called to action by the political debate following the refugees crossing the Danish border in the fall of 2015. The libretto was created from memories recorded by refugee children from the former Yugoslavia, a pivotal quote from political current affairs on refugees, and a classic frame story inspired by Bertolt Brecht's Mutter Courage.

The music of the opera finds inspiration in folk music traditions of the Middle East and the Balkans as well as in Klezmer music. A small video teaser gives you a taste of the music, here. 

Danish Composers' Society talked with Eva Noer Kondrup about the new opera - read the interview here (Danish).

'The Traveller' premieres Saturday 3 February at Takkelloftet, and runs until Saturday 10 February. Buy tickets here