New publication series · Danish National Girls' Choir

In collaboration with the conductor Phillip Faber, Edition·S has the pleasure to launch a new publication series with choir pieces from the repertoire of the Danish National Girls' Choir.


With this series the extensive archives of the Danish National Girls’ Choir and Danish National Junior Choir are opened up to the public as Edition·S publishes pieces both old and new, hoping that they will provide a source of joy to all equal-voice choirs in Denmark.

The repertoire holds Danish songs, old and new, psalms, pop songs and classical songs arranged for equal-voice choir. The difficulty of the arrangements spans from the simple where everyone can follow to the more complicated ones for ambitious choirs looking for a challenge. 

The series is initiated and curated by the conductor of the Danish National Girls' Choir, Phillip Faber, and edited by Jakob Faurholt. Each song in the series can be bought separately and is delivered in a beautiful cover designed by Tobias Røder.