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A great selection of works by Jeppe Ernst have just been published by Edition·S. The works are now available to peruse and purchase online

Jeppe Ernst: 'Etude V'

With his radically reduced works, Jeppe Ernst fundamentally questions our traditional ways of thinking about music. The works now published include a number of works where some of the most basic musical parameters are left out – such as, for example, the audible sound.

Etudes (Book II) consists of four pieces composed for the facial muscles. Etudes V-VII are composed for one, two and three performers and are to be performed in small rooms for three, one and two audience members at a time. Etude VIII consists of the three etudes performed at the same time.

Watch Marsch (Etude VI) performed by Matias Seibæk and David Hildebrandt

Jeppe Ernst studied composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and some of the works now published are pieces composed for physical touch, which were performed at his debut concert in April 2018. This includes Offertorium: Treatment A, B, C.

Watch Offertorium: Treatment A performed by Astrid Grarup Elbo and Simon Løffler

Some of Jeppe Ernst’s works previously published by Edition·S are what Jeppe Ernst describes as ‘private music’ written directly for a reader or a single musician without any intention of being performed for an audience. Sangbog and Nocturnes (for the human mind) are ideal repertoire for a time of isolation.

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