New Rønsholdt opera premiering in the dark

Copenhagen · Innovative ensemble SCENATET premieres Niels Rønsholdt’s new performance opera, Gaze for Gaze, in an intimate, raw warehouse setting.

Photo: Marc Fluri

It’s a love story. But other than that, the resemblance to traditional opera is sparse in Gaze for Gaze (Blik for Blik), Niels Rønsholdt’s new performance opera premiering March 17 in Copenhagen.

The second part in an opera trilogy that began with Word for Word (2014), Gaze for Gaze presents a genre-bending, transparent take on the nature of love relations, not least their challenging aspects.

Lighting design plays an integral part in Gaze for Gaze. Parts of the performance – consisting of two acts, ‘Open Eye’ and ‘Closed Eye’ – take place in complete darkness, the audience only being able to gain a visual overview when short flashes of light illuminate the stage. Just like the characters of the libretto, the audience will experience the conflicting feelings of confusion and insight that accompany love relations.

Gaze for Gaze is written for the innovative Danish arts & music ensemble SCENATET. The ensemble will premiere Gaze for Gaze in the intimate, raw warehouse setting of Pakhus 11 in Copenhagen on March 17, 8 PM. Three additional performances take place on the following days.

Please note that tickets are only available in pre-sale, and only in a limited number.

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