New string quartets released on Dacapo Records

Edition Samfundet composers Simon Christensen, Christian Winther Christensen, Jexper Holmen and Simon Steen-Andersen, as well as Jens Voigt Lund and electronica composer Morten Riis are the creators behind this intense string quartet experience, performed by the Polish Silesian Strings Quartet.

The record company writes:
"String quartet meets electronica - in a fruitful clash of traditions and new possibilities. The concept of ‘sound' is the common denominator for a whole new view of the venerable configuration of four string instruments in a quartet. Five young Danish composers lead the genre into the future, and the five are linked by electronic remixes of their works, so that the CD forms a "composition of compositions". The result is effortless, virtuoso, colourful music with a wealth of nuances! "