New trailer and Swedish praise for Tjørnhøj opera

Gothenburg, Sweden · “SHANGHAI”, Line Tjørnhøj’ new opera including performers with disabilities, receives great praise in Swedish press ahead of its Gothenburg premiere.

Photo: Åsa Rosén

“No matter what you do, don’t miss out on this strong performance!”

A recent NLT review of Line Tjørnhøj’s SHANGHAI is full of praise for the experimental opera, which has been playing on various Swedish scenes for the past month. On 6 May it arrives at the renowned Gothenburg Opera for a final week of performances.

SHANGHAI is one of the bravest and most successful attempts at breaking with the opera tradition that I’ve ever seen,” the full-page review continues. “It’s rare to see such diverse voices – schooled as well as unschooled – tell such a captivating story. With SHANGHAI, opera has taken a new step forward.”

Ahead of its Gothenburg premiere, the creative team behind SHANGHAI released a trailer for the opera, which can be seen below. SHANGHAI will be performed in Gothenburg 6-14 May.