New Work by Lars Kynde to Be Premiered in The Netherlands

On the 28th of March Lars Kynde’s new work for carillon will be performed in The Hague

Photo by Angel Faraldo
Kynde’s piece, which exposes the particular overtone structure of Grote Kerk’s 17th century carillon, will be part of a theatrical event titled “Rites for a New Utopia” arranged by the artist-run platform for the development of self-made media Instrument Inventors Initiative.

The event focuses on the abolishment of traditional hiearchies separating composer, performer, instrument maker and audience.

In relation to this, it investigates the utopia of achieving an ancestral unity of the arts by combining image, sound, space, movement and the body into one aesthetic experience.

This synaesthetic ambition also lies at the core of Kynde’s activities as a composer. Very well exemplified by last year’s Tasteful Turntable: