Nicolai Worsaae at Musiikin Aika

From Tuesday July 2 to Sunday July 7, 2013 the Finnish festival Musiikin aika takes place in the little town of Viitasaari and Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Nicolai Worsaae is on the programme.

Thursday July 4 at 5 pm the esteemed Swedish ensemble Curious Chamber Players performs Nicolai Worsaae’s Zwischen den Beiden Kammern at Parish Hall in Viitasaari. The festival also hosts many other prominent composers and ensembles – amongst those is also Simon Steen-Andersen.

Musiikin aika means “Time of Music” and is a festival organized by the association Viitasaaren kesäakatemia ry. “Time of Music” focuses on contemporary music, and has been the host of some of the most important composers and artists in the field during the past years, gaining an international reputation as a courageous, border-breaking, and innovative event. Its exotic and remote location in the small town, by the lake, has caused a buzz within the visitors, which cannot be compared to any other festival. “The spirit of Viitasaari” is a known statement spread throughout the most active countries of contemporary music.

Always curious, Curious Chamber Players has since its inception in 2003 explored a wide range of new music repertoire: from hardcore modernism to graphically notated chance music, from minimalism to noise music, and from electronics to improvisation. The ensemble has experimented with framing concerts and sound installations with a unique use of time and space, each different according to the venue and situation.

Zwischen den beiden Kammern had its premiere during the PULSAR festival in March 2013 when Ensemble Intercontemporain performed it.