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Nicolai Worsaae selected for International Rostrum of Composers

Every year at the International Rostrum of Composers, national radio networks from all across the world get together to point out the best contemporary music works. This year, the Danish broadcasting corporation has selected Nicolai Worsaae as one of the representatives of Denmark with the piece "PUSH" (2018).

Nicolai Worsaae's PUSH was premiered by the Danish National Vocal Ensemble on 12 November 2021. He describes the work as physics translated into music – a movement forward with a given resistance:

"As the title might suggest, this piece is inspired by a physical movement: pushing an object. The music strives to move or push something. The singers struggle to generate sound and music. There is a resistance in that, which one might consider to be grotesque and incomprehensible from a “normal” point of view. I guess I am quite fascinated by the grotesque or the stingingly ironic. There is an energy inherent in the madness. It wants to come out, to move forward and it is contained right up until the moment where the bubble bursts. You might call it the big bang of feelings?”

International Rostrum of Composers is considered the most important platform for the promotion of contemporary music via radio broadcast. Rostrum 2022 takes place 31 May-3 June in Palermo in Italy. 

Besides from Nicolai Worsaae's choral work, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation has selected works by Peter Bruun and Hugi Gudmundsson for this year's Rostrum.

The winners of the International Rostrum of Composers 2022 will be announced on 3 June. Learn more here >>