Nicolai Worsaae World premiere

The Danish National Vocal Ensemble will premiere Nicolai Worsaae's new work 'Warping through my ears' on 11 November in Trinitatis Church in Copenhagen.

Warping through my ears involves, among other things, eight megaphones and is included in the concert 'Towards the stars', where the Danish National Vocal Ensemble and conductor Graham Ross present choral music revolving arount the sky and the stars.

The use of the megaphones creates a new array of sounds, as Nicolai Worsaae explains in a press release from DR: "The eight megaphones provide a constant presence of air and noise, which drive the music forward and bring the listener from place to place throughout the composition. You might say that I send the listeners on a musical journey through an undefinable course of events in time, space and historical contexts."

In the text of the piece, the journey goes through quotes from, among others, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce and the bible.

"All in all, I hope that 'Warping through my ears', as the title says, will twist its way through the audience's ears, maybe open up their imagination and awaken memories," Nicolai Worsaae states.

The concert takes place 11 November 19:30 in Trinitatis Kirke, Copenhagen. Learn more about the concert here >>

The concert will be broadcast on DR P2 Monday 14 November at 19:20.