Niels Rønsholdt Album Release

Niels Rønsholdt's solo piano piece Archive of Emotions and Experiences, Book 1: Birds, is released at Dacapo Records on Friday 12 November. The work is recorded by the Greek pianist Lenio Liatsou.

You know why you are here 
You have come to hear about the birds  
How their song filled the summer mornings 
And the evenings  
They kept on and on and on  
We can’t imagine that today:   
Thousands of little creatures flying around, singing 

Like stenographers spelling words   
from an unknown language  
And they kept repeating over and over  
Because we didn’t understand

 — Niels Rønsholdt

In Archive of Emotions and Experiences, Book 1: Birds The pianist is an oracle-like figure from an imagined future who records and archives human emotions and experiences before they are gone, and it is too late. The pianist tells the story of birds that in this imagined future scenario have long been extinct.

Archive of Emotions and Experiences is structured as a collection of many small single movements: miniatures put together in a conglomeration of related, but never completely identical movements. 

The composer explains his fascination with the miniature format in the booklet of the album: “To me, this musical form reminds me of the display cases in a museum: many small objects are shown in them. Some may resemble each other, but come from entirely different places. And especially, that their presentation beside each other makes them interesting. It is the old way of keeping and showing them in this way which inspires me, as in historical museums. Transferring this image to music helps me to counter the classical idea of a single musical story with a large development arc.”

Album trailer for Niels Rønsholdt: Archive of Emotions and Experiences

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