Niels Rønsholdt in Hong Kong

Niels Rønsholdt's “Me Quitte” brings him all the way to Hong Kong, where he will perform it on October 30th together with SCENATET and Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð.

“Me Quitte” (2013) is a song cycle based on a classic love song by Jacques Brel: “Ne Me Quitte Pas” from 1959. Rønsholdt sees Brel’s chanson as the representation of the quintessential ideas of romantic love in Western popular culture; love as pure, beautiful and good, but according to Rønsholdt love is just as often both destructive and cruel. In “Me Quitte” Rønsholdt turns the cliché upside down, for instance by performing it himself.
When the virtuoso crooner Brel sings, he is the incarnation of confidence and power. When the unschooled Rønsholdt goes on stages performing “Me Quitte” he displays all his fragility and powerlessness.

"Me Quitte" will be performed at the experimental arts venue Connecting Space Hong Kong as part of their New Music Series. Read more about the concert here.