Nomination · Kender du Else Marie Pade?

The podcast series 'Kender du Else Marie Pade? / Do you know Else Marie Pade?' is nominated for the Danish award, Podcastprisen 2020.

Center for Podcasting has nominated 'Kender du Else Marie Pade?' for Podcastprisen 2020 in the category 'Geekiness of the year'.

The podcast miniseries about the composer who keeps surprising us with her multifaceted work is created by The Lake Radio in collaboration with Dacapo Records and Edition·S. The podcast retells the story of the Danish composer Else Marie Pade, punctures media myths, presents new material and tries to get to know her more thoroughly – as a multifaceted artist, as a person, and as a single mother and woman in Denmark in the 1950’s. The story is told through interviews with people who knew Else Marie Pade when he was alive, and people who scrutinize her work today as previously unknown works appear in the archive she left behind.  

Center for Podcasting will give the award of best "geeky" podcast to a podcast that suceeds in unfolding a particular subject in a way that makes an audience beyond the typical target group curious to listen.

The winners are announced 29 November. In the meantime you might get to know Else Marie Pade a little better right here.