Odense Symphony Orchestra Presents: {Pliiinggg…}

The Danish composer collective {Pliiinggg…} will be performing together with Odense Symphony Orchestra on February 28, 2013 at the Odensian venue Magasinet. 

The three composers, Christian Winther Christensen (1977), Nicolai Worsaae (1980) and Rune Glerup (1981), originally got together in 2010 when they arranged their joint debut concert after finishing their degrees at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Back then they put together a 2-day festival under the name of {Pliiinggg…} and invited London Sinfonietta, supplemented by talented young Danish musicians, to perform their works. This time the three composers reunite at the request of orchestra chief Finn Schumacker from Odense Symphony Orchestra. The concert enables the young composers to curate an entire concert and is set up in partnership with Edition·S – music¬sound¬art.

The composers have each composed a new work especially for this concert and these are weaved together by passages that the three composers have made in collaboration; “When we work in {Pliiinggg...} we don't only think of our individual works, but of the concert as a whole, and hope that it will become a success - the whole thing. Even the works themselves have been composed with this concert and concept in mind. When I compose a piece, I always think of the concert it will be used in”, says Christian Winther Christensen.

Experience Christian Winther Christensen’s Concerto for a Movie Loop (2012), Nicolai Worsaae's Eight and a half pint (2012)
 and Rune Glerup's Waiting. Counting (2013) Thursday February 28, 2013 at 7.30 pm at Magasinet in Odense. Pierre-André Valade conducts the concert with soloist Mathias Friis-Hansen on percussion.

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