On & Off at Stuttgart Theaterhaus

“Every concert is a total experience. I’m not one of those who close my eyes when I listen. Seeing a concert is to me just as important as hearing it”. The words come from Simon Steen-Andersen in a close up interview in Stuttgarter Nachrichten. Steen-Andersen will Friday May 13 give a performance in Stuttgart as part of the concert row “Südseite nachts” arranged by “Musik der Jahrhundert”. Simon Steen-Andersen surely invites to a show for both ears and eyes with video performance and live concert played by the norwigian Ensemble Asamisimasa. 

The performance plays around with both audio and visuals and is composed for not only instruments, but also whammy pedal, megaphones, joysticks, video and much more. The concert is a repetition of his great success at the Ultrashall Festival in Berlin January 2011.

The performance will take place at 19:30 and repeated at 22:00.