Østen Mikal Ore represented in Højskolesangbogen

Thursday 12 November the 19th edition of Højskolesangbogen is released including a new psalm written by Østen Mikal Ore.

Østen Mikal Ore has set music to a number of psalms by Simon Grotrian and one of them, Min nåde er dig nok, has been included in the new version of Højskolesangbogen. The composer writes about the psalm: "It is a micro drama in nine acts: Grotrian's way of storytelling unfolds the nine verses with mythological and religious references with the particular perspective that God tells the story."

The psalm is part of Grotrian's collection Ravnekost og slagere from 2017 of which Østen Mikal Ore has written music for 15 psalms.

Min nåde er dig nok is performed in the video above by Det Ny Kammerkor, pianist Jacob Nielsen and conductor Anders Gaden.