”Passion - Liszt and Langgaard” at Rued Langgaard Festival 2011

This weekend the big Rued Langgaard Festival 2011 takes place in the medieval town of Ribe and focuses on the musical and spiritual fellowship between the composer and piano virtuoso Franz Liszt and Rued Langgaard. This year’s festival celebrates Liszt’s 200-year anniversary by offering his music in interaction with Langgaard’s and even though they lived in different centuries, Liszt and Langgaard were brothers in spirit and each in their own way, demonstrated how music can be a magical medium and a source of spiritual experiences. This is shown at the festival through concerts, lectures, lounge with a classical music DJ and film projection.

The heart of the festival is performances of musical drama and major orchestral works of Rued Langgaard and related to composers especially from the 19th and 20th century. Furthermore chamber music, choir concerts and organ recital play an important role at the festival. Through visual staging developed in collaboration with Ribe Cathedral’s architecture, the festival experiments with communicating the music and its ideas in a contemporary way. This will also be touched upon through lectures, meetings with artists, musical happenings and movies.

Rued Langgaard Festival is based in Ribe, where cultural activities will be hold in and around the Cathedral. It is an ideal place to create a real festival atmosphere for both visitors and residents. It is Scandinavia’s oldest town, which in a unique way represents both the past and the present. At the same time the festival focuses on existential issues and new artistic expressions and this way leads into the future.

Date: September 1-4, 2011
Place: Ribe Domkirke, Torvet 15, 6760 Ribe