Performance · Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen

Works by Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen are performed at the National Gallery of Denmark.

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen: 'Graspable'

As a part of the event programme connected to the exhibition Unboxing the Goodiepal Collection, the performance duo Live Art DK will perform Virak Revyen, a performance including works by several artists, including Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen.

The works by Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen can be interpreted in action as well as in sound. For instance, the piece Pauser (Pauses) consists of instructions for various kinds of pauses. The piano piece Graspable is premiered at this event, and the composer describes the piece as 'music for hands on keys.'

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen has made extensive courses of intuitive music, and a key compositional idea for him is to develop means of notation that enable the performers to focus on creativity in various ways.

Time and place
Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen: Pauser + Graspable
Performed by Live Art DK
Thursday 3 December, 16:00
National Gallery of Denmark - SMK, Copenhagen (DK)
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