Permanent installation of Run Time Error

Saturday September 17th “Run Time Error” by Simon Steen-Andersen will be opened as a permanent installation at The Royal Library in The Black Diamond.

This is the first permanent installation of the work, which has had a great number of locations and live performances over the years. The opening of the installation at The Royal Library is also celebrated with a live performance. 

“Run Time Error” is a site specific audio-visual performance, in which Simon Steen-Andersen performs at two levels – in front of the camera in the pre-recorded video sequences, and behind the joysticks when video and sound recordings are sampled in a live performance. 

Read much more about "Run Time Error" in our recently published feature article about performing composers.

The opening of Run Time Error takes place in the context of a whole day focusing on composers on stage. The program of the day is arranged by Sanne Krogh Groth who currently does a research project on the subject. Besides from Simon Steen-Andersen’s work, there will be a concert presenting premieres of works written for the occasion by Louise Alenius, Krishve and Juliana Hodkinson. The composers obviously enter the stage themselves – Alenius and Hodkinson are joined by SCENATET.

The concert will be followed by a seminar. Read much more about it here.

Last week, on September 8th, a brand new ensemble version of Run Time Error was premiered. The new version written for Ensemble Modern was performed at the opening of Klangspuren Festival in Schwaz, Austria.

The performance of "Run Time Error" at The Royal Library takes place Saturday September 17th at 1pm.