Peter Heise: Drot og Marsk


Peter Heise: Drot og Marsk

A Danish national opera about a blood-soaked chapter of Danish history

Heise’s opera King and Marshal is the story of the assassination of King Eric Klipping, an incisive musical drama about conspiracy, power and murder. 

King Eric leads a debauched and sheltered life in his castle and is busy partying and seducing women rather than ruling his country and leading his army. The real holder of power, the army chief Marshal Stig, keeps the king isolated in blissful ignorance, all while he plans a coup d’état. But to finally checkmate the king, the marshal must sacrifice the one he loves. 

Composer Peter Heise and librettist Christian Richardt convey in King and Marshal the legend of Marshal Stig, who in 1286 conspired with several noblemen to assassinate King Eric. Directors Kasper Holten and Amy Lane spotlight the clash between the monarch’s naive and decadent lifestyle and the crude political manipulation he was subjected to, which finally lead to his downfall and a coup d’état. 

Soloists from the Royal Danish Opera lend their voices to the historical figures of the opera: Niels Jørgen Riis masters the role of King Eric, Sine Bundgaard embodies Mrs. Ingeborg, while Sofie Elkjær Jensen plays Aase. Johan Reuter revisits the Royal Danish Opera in the role of the power-hungry Marshal Stig. The Royal Danish Theatre’s former Chief Conductor and specialist in Danish music, Michael Schønwandt, conducts Heise’s compelling and dramatic music. 

The set design for King and Marshal includes movable walls with beautiful depictions of nature. One of the walls has a clear reference to Otto Bache's painting "De sammensvorne rider fra Finderup efter mordet på Erik Klipping Skt. Cæcilienat". Otto Bache's painting is also partially reproduced on the cover of the performance programme.

King and Marshal is performed in Danish with Danish supertitles.