Plus/Minus Ensemble performs In her Frown

Every Monday King’s Place in London invites all curious minds to “Out Hear – break your sound barrier” to explore electronics, classical composition and multimedia performances from international artists.

Next Monday, October 15, 2012 Plus/Minus Ensemble presents an evening of works with focus on “producing sound and harnessing its resonance”. Among the pieces they will perform is Edition·S–music¬sound¬art’s composer Simon Steen-Andersen’s In Her Frown (2007).

Both the ensemble and the Danish composer are constantly seeking to push the boundaries of the harmonic rules and challenge the audience’s perception. Here is an extract from Simon’s score description, which tells us that the audience should not be guided, but be allowed to investigate on their own to understand the text in the piece:

"The text: The text is never performed in a way where it is completely understandable, but nevertheless there should be put a big effort into trying to make it understandable (although it won’t be no matter the effort). There are two basic ways of performing text: 1) Speaking with completely closed mouth (mainly soprano 1). 2) Speaking without air, doing an exaggerated mime, where only the consonant-clicks and other attacks are left (mainly soprano 2). There will also once be normal speaking, but covered by a loud tone (the tone of censorship in the american talk shows). Also isolated phonemes are used. The text will be printed in the program and when knowing or reading the text, one should be more or less able to follow (this doesn’t mean though, that there should be a special lightning for the audience being able to read – the text can also be read before or after)."

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