Podcast launch · Else Marie Pade

On Tuesday 15 September Edition·S launches an Else Marie Pade podcast series in collaboration with Dacapo Records and The Lake Radio. The release is celebrated at ALICE cph.

Edition·S and Dacapo Records releases a new podcast series about Else Marie Pade and the extensive archive she leaves behind - an archive still revealing new angles and stories about the multi-faceted composer.

At the release event the audience will get the chance to listen to extracts from the podcast, and the people behind it will tell about the work with the archive, the newly found material and the thoughts behind the creation of the podcast. In addition to the podcast material, two electronic works by Else Marie Pade will be played at the event: Vikingerne (1970) and Klangfarver (1972). Both works have recently been rediscovered and restored. 

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The rights of Else Marie Pade's catalogue was compiled at Edition·S in 2016. Since then, a comprehensive musical investigation of restoring, categorizing, and digitalizing of the grand and multi-faceted musical material has been taking place. Composer and lector Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg has aided Edition·S in restoring and digitalizing all the composer's tapes.

Read more about Else Marie Pade and her works at Edition·S.

The event at ALICE cph is curated by Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi.

Lydarkæologisk Lytteklub: Else Marie Pade 
Tuesday 15 September 20.00
ALICE cph, Copenhagen (DK)