Politiken gives five hearts to TRIBUTES – Pulse

In today's version of the Danish newspaper Politiken, journalist Henrik Friis praises Simon Christensen's and Bill Morrison's work TRIBUTES - Pulse, which Thursday evening June 16 premiered at The Royal Danish Theatre. Friis uses phrases such as "melodic, nostalgic beauty" and "luxurious sound picture", and says about Christensen's music:

"The experience of pulse happens when the music imperceptible changes and gives a dizzy sensation, when extra beats are being pushed into a tight rhythmic frame. Or you experience what it means when the three musicians play with different formats simultaneously. Or something else completely. It might sound contrived or pensive, but 39-year-old Christensen has composed the music in such a simple way that anyone can join and feel on their own body what happens. And at the same time he has managed to make the music concise and interesting."

Friis compares the two experiences; the live performance and the experience of the Grid box designed by Montana. He calls the box a "silver shining box" and emphasises the fact that the whole experience is luxurious. 

All in all, Friis gives a very positive and praising review of Christensen, Morrison, The Royal Danish Theatre and Montana - and perhaps... Edition·S – music¬sound¬art.