Positive reviews of Rued Langgaard CD

In today's issue of the Danish newspaper Politiken music critic Henrik Friis gives five out of six hearts to the recently released album String Quartets Vol. 1 with Rued Langgaard works interpreted by the young Nightingale String Quartet. Friis titles his review "Langgaard's devil-may-care authority", and he says about the album:

”The groundbreaking tone picture in Langgaard's second string quartet acquire a nerve and presence like never before. Sound images of clouds receding, trains passing by and the landscape in twilight – as Langgaard himself has titled his odd movements – awaken the ear with both euphony and intensity. Here, small noises are not removed in the post-production and the result is a sense of hearing the music live – real close.”

Friis finds nothing on the CD that is worth criticising, and he is in general very excited about both the music of Langgaard and the Quartet's performance.

The UK website journal Musical Pointers also features a review of the CD based on the release event in London on March 22. He calls Langgaard's works a ”treasure trove” and is likewise happy about the coupling between Langgaard and Nightingale String Quartet.