Praise for Hvidtfelt Nielsen-album

BBC Music Magazine is "beguiled" by the recently published Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen album.

"Contemporary Danish works shimmer and shine". The headline of the BBC Music Magazine's review of Hvidtfelt Nielsen's album leaves no doubt of the critic's enthusiasm. The album was published by Dacapo Records in December 2018, recorded by Bjarke Mogensen, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Aarhus Sinfonietta, Henrik Vagn Christensen, Ari Rasilainen and the composer himself.

"Hvidtfelt Nielsen's scores are renowned for their mesmerising delicacy of sound amid highly complex textures, and his music is performed here with impeccable clarity by the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Aarhus Sinfonietta," the critic writes, and the album is picked as this months 'Concerto Choice' in the BBC Music Magazine.

About 'Toccata', the review reads: "Composed in 2013-14 and modelled on the momentous organ works of Dietrich Buxtehude and Carl Nielsen, the concerto opens to a shimmering perpetuum mobile before this vigour slowly gives way to a chorale-like theme of deep serenity." 

Read through the score of 'Toccata' here.

Listen to a short excerpt from the album here.