Premiere of Tjørnhøj's solo piece for bass trombone

Tjørnhøj's 'IR' challenges the limits of what is physically possible for a bass trombone player. The solo piece will be premiered January 18th.

A single bar from 'IR'

The collaboration between Edition·S and Copenhagen Phil - the mini-concert format 4’33 -continues, and Line Tjørnhøj’s solo piece 'IR' will be the first piece premiered in 2018.

'IR' is written for bass trombonist Martin Reinhardt, and the material of the instrument was the starting point of inspiration for Line Tjørnhøj.

“The brass of the bass trombone consists in part of copper, and when copper meets oxygen, an inherent process of transformation begins. The copper will oxidize and change its appearance, and there is a certain beauty to the way metal changes over time.”

The idea of transformation can be traced in tonal modulations in “IR” and though the process of oxidation is visually beautiful it is also a process of decay, and brings about associations of aging and a sense of melancholy. The melancholic tone is associated to the trombone

“In 'IR' the person playing the instrument, and the air blowing through the instrument is brought to the front, and since it is a young, strong man playing the instrument, I have worked with the extremes of what is physically possible. This is where I challenge Martin Reinhardt on his virtuosity.”

18 January 19:30
Holbæk Seminarium
Seminarieparken 2, Holbæk 

19 January 19:30
Konservatoriets Koncertsal
Julius Thomsens Gade 1, Frederiksberg

Copenhagen Phil’s 2017/18 season will also feature new 4’33 pieces by Edition·S composers Simon ChristensenMette Nielsen and Fuzzy