Premiere - Piano Pieces by Kanding

Lucy Yao premieres Ejnar Kanding's 'Piano Pieces I' at a concert in Copenhagen 15 August.

Photo: Anne Sandner
Unitarernes Hus in Copenhagen sets the scene for a concert with Lucy Yao, a pianist, multidisciplinary artist, teacher, and chamber musician. Lucy Yao draws from a rich repertoire ranging from 17th century solo piano works to interdisciplinary projects and music with electronics.

At this upcoming concert she will premiere Ejnar Kanding's 'Piano Pieces I' in five movements, 'Forest Lake', 'Night Fire', 'Impression', 'Expression' and 'Still Waters'.

Besides from the work by Kanding, works by Aaron Hynds, Lil Lacy and others will be on the programme. 

Read more about the concert here.