Premiere · Sven Erik Werner string quartets

Three string quartets by Sven Erik Werner will be performed this Sunday at Vor Frelsers Kirke in Copenhagen.

This Sunday, June 28, violinists Anne Søe and Malin William-Olsson, violist Mina Fred, and cellist Tobias van der Pais will perform three string quartets composed by Sven Erik Werner at Vor Frelsers Kirke in Copenhagen – and two of the works will be premiered!

The concert starts at 3 pm and the entrance is free · View event

The titles in the trilogy are concerned with the hours of the day from dawn to dust; In Aurora (2015), In Diem (2017-2018), and In Nocte (2019). Performed in this order, the string quartets may also draw associations onto the ages of life; birth, life, and death. The pieces are inspired by the Roman Catholic Christmas liturgy where Christmas is celebrated by three services; Christmas eve (In Nocte), Christmas morning (In Aurora), and the Day after Christmas Day (In Diem). All three works are published by Edition·S.

Sven Erik Werner (b. 1937) holds a Master's degree in musicology and Nordic Literature from the University of Copenhagen and worked at the Academy of Music, Odense, where he was the principal in 1974 until 1989. His compositions range from difficult scores for traditional orchestral and chamber combinations by way of music for teaching purposes to innovative and experimental works for television.

Read more about the composer and view his works at Edition·S