Premieres and performances · KLANG festival

KLANG Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival kicks off on Friday 30 October, and the concert programme overflows with great performances.

KLANG takes place 30 October - 8 November in Copenhagen and presents a comprehensive concert programme including several composers with works published by Edition·S.

Allan Gravgaard Madsen: SUITE
Ensemble Recherche · Tuesday 3 November, Copenhagen Info & tickets
Wednesday 4 November, Aarhus Info & tickets 
Allan Gravgaard Madsen's SUITE is a continuation of the tradition of Johann Sebastian Bach's Orchestral Suites and all the titles are inspired by the titles in the orchestra suites by Bach. You might even trace just a slight shadow of Bach's music beneath Gravgaard Madsen’s strict and quiet compositions. While SUITE is performed by the ensemble, it is simultaneously recomposed by a music machine constructed by Morten Riis, Electro Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra. The concert will be a mix of past, present and future, of traditional and experimental classical music as well as electronic music / sound art.

Read more about SUITE here.

Martin Stauning: Gestures
Ly Tran · Wednesday 4 November Info & tickets
Gestures is a staged sound performance for singer and electronic soundtrack. The electronic soundtrack is made from all sorts of sound recordings as well as excerpts from recordings of other works by Stauning, processed and distorted beyond recognition.

"Quite a few elements from my works somehow return to visit each other. I guess I need it to be slightly connected in a way. Otherwise, each piece might run wild and that empty piece of paper becomes impossible to deal with," Martin Stauning explains. 

Read more about Gestures here.

Simon Løffler: Animalium III and H
Simon Løffler, Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen, Matias Seibæk and Irene Bianco · Thursday 5 November Info & tickets
Simon Løffler explores various aspects of the animal kingdom in a series of pieces, and about the third piece in the series he writes: "Out of a long process where I have revolved around the elephant body - its anatomy, musicality and timeliness - I have at the time of writing reached a point where the only thing left for me to work with is its long long mournful blinking eyelashes. These are perhaps the most human of this wonderful animal, and at the same time so peculiar. The simple, and yet expressively complicated, blink of an eye is the focus of the piece."

Besides from Animalium III, Simon Løffler's H will be performed. Watch a previous performance of H here.

Jeppe Just Christensen: 24 Preludes
Jeppe Just Christensen · Friday 6 November Info & tickets
The composer himself will be the only person on stage together with a boisterous, homebuilt hybrid instrument in the performance of 24 Preludes. A chance for the audience to experience noise, poetic sound and odd rhythms. 

Find more works by Jeppe Just Christensen here.

Li-Ying Wu: Historien om V
SAUM · 7 November Info & tickets
Historien om V is a children's opera based on a story by Cecilie Eken with music by Li-Ying Wu.

Historien om V has its focus on loss and grief; a child goes on a journey to find her father, but finds something different. Her V. Li-Ying Wu has added beautiful, strange and soft music to the story, and the production is staged by Musikteatret SAUM in cooperation with ZeBU and Den Ny Opera, Esbjerg.

Read more about Historien om V here.

Simon Christensen: Carved in Stone
Athelas Sinfonietta · 7 November Info & tickets
Athelas Sinfonietta has collaborated closely with Simon Christensen and commissioned pieces by him multiple times. In February 2019 they premiered the composer's grand piece ENSEMBLE, and now the ensemble will premiere Carved in Stone.

Watch the performance of ENSEMBLE here.