Rachel Yatzkan Children's songs at Vinterjazz

Copenhagen Winter Jazz presents Rachel Yatzkan's 'Dreaming in many languages', a crossover concert for children between 6 and 12 and their parents.

The concert features songs and instrumental compositions written by Rachel Yatzkan including two songs that are included in the upcoming anthology: Children's songs published by Edition·S: Sila blå and Miriam ser på verden.

The anthology was initiated by Athelas Sinfonietta who invited four contemporary composers to write new songs for young school children. The anthology includes songs by Rachel Yatzkan, Peter Bruun, Mogens Christensen and Li-Ying Wu.

The concert 'Dreaming in many languages' is dedicated to the love between children and their parents. The lyrics of Yatzkan's songs are written by, Kenneth Krabat, Cindy Brown and Jesper Lützhøft and the texts revolve around stories about children who have immigrated to Denmark from the north-west, south and east and tell about the long journey from their homeland, dreams, hopes and experiences. The music is a conversation between classical, ethnic and jazz music.

Time and place

Tuesday 15 February, 14:00

Støberiet, Copenhagen (DK)

Performed by Shiri Ginnerup, Rachel Yatzkan and Morten Ginnerup

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