Rank Ensemble performs Simon Steen-Andersen in Helsinki

On October 4 Rank Ensemble will perform works by Simon Steen-Andersen at the Helsinki Music Centre, Musiikkitalo.

The Finnish ensemble, Rank Ensemble, has taken as its mandate to explore the grey area of contemporary music, which lies between improvisation and composition, seeking out contexts, which range from free improvisation, to contemporary works, which involve elements of improvisation, or which grant otherwise expanded roles to the performers. Simon Steen-Andersen’s music fits perfectly into that.

On October 4 the ensemble will perform his work Run Time Error, which is a location specific video-performance. The video material will be produced during the three days before the concert at Musiikkitalo. Simon has created three main dogmas for the project: 1. only objects and instruments found at the location can be used, 2. each object or instrument can only be used once, and 3. each sound/action must have an immediate point of association with its neighboring sounds/actions.

The objects are organized along with Rank Ensemble members on a route going from the stage of the concert hall through the backstage areas, hallways and corridors of the Musiikkitalo. This way the space becomes an equivalent to time and playing through the composition will therefore make the commonly used musical metaphor “moving through time” concrete.

For this concert Rank Ensemble will perform two compositions and record the performances on video. At the concert these videos will time-manipulated in a two-part system controlled live with two joysticks. A performance within the performance. The first route will be shown as a video-performance alone. With the second route the setup will be used as an instrument, engaging in an improvisation with the Rank Ensemble.

Date: Tuesday October 4, 2011
Time: 7 – 10 pm.
Place: “Black Box”, Helsingin Musiikkitalo Oy, Mannerheimintie 13a, 00100 Helsinki
Price: Free