RELEASE · Educate·S · Pieces for Guitar

Dacapo Records has released Educate·S Pieces for Guitar, recorded by the talented guitarist Jonas Egholm.


Pieces for Guitar album cover

Pieces for Guitar is a collection of pieces composed by Ylva Lund Bergner, John Frandsen, Lars Hegaard, Mette Nielsen, Li-Ying Wu, Jeppe Just Christensen, Rune Glerup, Jexper Holmen, Finn Savery, and Rachel Yatzkan.

Educate·S is a work series suited for teaching purposes aiming to introduce young music students to new music. Each edition is a collection of 10 pieces composed by 10 composers for violin, cello, accordion, guitar, percussion, and piano.

Pieces for Guitar has been released by Dacapo Records performed by the young, talented guitarist Jonas Egholm, who is studying for his Masters at the Royal Academy of Music.

Listen to the record here

The scores are up for FREE DOWNLOAD · Click here