Nominations / Awards

Reumert nominations for Matias Vestergård and Niels Rønsholdt

Matias Vestergård's 'LISBON FLOOR' and Niels Rønsholdt's 'Den Sidste Olie' are both nominated for Årets Reumert in the category 'Opera of the Year'

The Reumert Prize is an annual Danish awards ceremony to recognize excellence in theatre achievements in Denmark.  

Matias Vestergård’s Lisbon Floor is a dark and funny horror opera that takes place in a run-down luxury skyscraper. The ensemble of characters who have moved onto the Lisbon floor includes, among others, a bitter academic, a woman who is very into the role-playing game Warhammer and the couple Alex and Alex, who take turns carrying their future child in an external womb. They end up in numerous comic entanglements and at the same time have to deal with houseplants that start to grow uncontrollably and the strange mould stains that appear as faces on the walls. 
Lisbon Floor was premiered at Copenhagen Opera Festival in August 2022.

Niels Rønsholdt's Den Sidste Olie was premiered in an ice skating rink during Copenhagen Opera Festival in August 2022.  

Den Sidste Olie is a chamber opera which deals with exploitation as the driving force in the world. The story begins in 1721 – the year of the colonization of Greenland – and unfolds the theme of eternal over-exploitation of territories and people. Østerbro Ice Skating Rink formed the framework for the world premiere where audience and artists alike experienced the ice in all its forms. The cold and the score slowly envelops, and the fatal story of man who ventures out to conquer new land is brought to life.