Review · Allan Gravgaard Madsen · Ouvert´

Allan Gravgaard Madsen's Ouvert' was premiered by Aarhus Symphony Orchestra 1 October, and received wonderful reviews.

Photo: Stine Vejen
The critic from the Danish newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende called Allan Gravgaard Madsen's Ouvert': "An eloquent and delightful confrontation of the classical orchestral concept," and noted that "The opening where the musicians rhythmically open the sheet music has a beautiful and surprising effect."

The critic from the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten wrote that Ouvert' presented "A quite limited harmonic scope that was explored and challenged to its full extent by the orchestra, and at the same time seemed empty and interesting." She added that "You want more of his sound universe after having experienced this premiere." 

Ouvert’ marks the beginning of an extensive collaboration between Allan Gravgaard Madsen and the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. He is composer in residence 2019–2022 and will write a total of four works for the orchestra.

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