Review of Martin Stauning debut

Martin Stauning graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music with a concert that received a standing applause from the audience and a great review.

“…a presentation of what Martin Stauning does so well: Writing lyrical music with a withheld breath that holds the listener tight while the instruments - through small smooth movements - create surprising spaces, moments of insecurity – and not least beauty.”

The critic from Politiken emphasizes the lyrical beauty of Martin Stauning’s music, and also highlights the final piece of the evening “Fortsat go’ weekend” as a welcome absurd feature.

He calls the string quartet “Atmende Steine” “surprisingly easy to approach”, he highlights the refined progress in “Îles en Mer d’Argent” and mentions, that Martin Stauning is rightfully called one of the interesting young composers right now.

Read the whole review here (in Danish).