Review of Rønsholdt and Steen-Andersen at SPOR

The critic from Seismograf attended this year's SPOR festival with high expectations, and the expectations were met. He mentions works by Simon Steen-Andersen and Niels Rønsholdt as highlights of the festival.

The Way Sounds Go. Photo: Frederikke Hoeijmans Vang
'The Way Sounds Go' was premiered in Hamburg by Simon Steen-Andersen and Decoder Ensemble and is described as a patchwork-kamikaze evening with a brand new version of Run Time Error, excerpts from Asthma and If This Then That And Now What as well as two homage-excurtions to the inventors and masters of artistic cause/effect-extravaganza, Fischli&Weiss.

The critic from Seismograf calls it a kaleidoscopic hurricane of movements in and out of the three different works, and he points out that the line between fiction and reality is crossed again and again:

"One moment Steen-Andersen fast-forwards and rewinds the video recordings of the Decoder musicians, where they are pieces in marvellous, ball tracks and puzzles of sound makers; the next moment he fast-forwards and rewinds their movements on stage [...] a real life loop to the sampled sound of doors, footsteps and a deep bass. "

Follow Simon Steen-Andersen behind the scenes for the creation of 'The Way Sounds Go':

Gaze for Gaze

 Gaze for Gaze Photo: Maia Meier Duus

Niels Rønsholdt's experimental, audience involving opera 'Gaze for Gaze' was performed by SCENATET, who also premiered it in 2017. The critic from Seismograf describes it as intentionally, melodramatic. He points out the awkwardness forced on the audience, who each receives a few lines to read aloud in the first part of the performance, and the aggressive blitzing lights and sounds forcing you to shield both ears and eyes in the second part. An original expression according to the critic:

"The seemingly shallowness which characterise the melodrama and the simple harmonics of the work exist side by side with an authoritarian, masochistic voice intentionally forcing the audience to participate to a degree that feels like you are taken hostage. And where else would you have that experience?"

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